World Sleep Academy FAQs

Is World Sleep Academy accredited?

World Sleep Academy does not provide any credit or license. Learners who successfully complete a tier will receive a signed digital certificate with a curricular description of key competencies. Learners who successfully complete all tiers (and so the entire World Sleep Academy program) will receive a signed digital diploma and a digital letter of recommendation from a key faculty member.


Who can enroll in the World Sleep Academy?

If you are a health care worker, particularly in a place underserved by sleep specialists, who is interested in knowing more about sleep medicine and research, then the Academy is designed for you.

Practicing physicians will find much value in World Sleep Academy, but you do not have to be a licensed or certified physician to enroll. Nurses, community health workers, and clinicians – among many other allied health professionals – are also encouraged to apply. Our accessible curriculum is designed with you in mind.


How do you successfully complete the Academy?

To pass the first two tiers, you need to submit a portfolio of activities and pass an evaluation. There will be specific deadlines to submit the portfolio and pass the evaluation.

To pass the final tier, you need to submit an action research project, detailed case study analysis, and an evaluation that covers all of the sleep disorders in Tier 2.


How much is tuition?

Tuition is structured around the World Bank income rating of the country in which you work and live. See the tuition breakdown here on this page:


Is World Sleep Academy a non-profit program?

World Sleep Academy is a program of World Sleep Society, a non-profit organization registered in the United States. The World Sleep Academy is staffed by our international sleep expert members who are donating their time. Your tuition covers only the operating expenses for the Academy.


Is World Sleep Academy all online?

Yes. All courses take place online and use both asynchronous and live formats.


Can I complete World Sleep Academy while working full time?

Yes! The Academy is designed to be a learning experience for health care workers who are currently working in their community. The Academy’s online format and learning materials are designed to be flexible to the needs of a working professional.