FAQs about ISRTP

1. What is the ISRTP program?
2. What benefits are provided to the mentees/trainees?
3. The deadline has passed. Is there still time to apply into the program?
4. Will there be additional sites?
5. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?


1. What is the International Sleep Research Training Program (ISRTP)?

The goal of ISRTP is to prepare sleep trainees from around the world for future leadership in basic and/or clinical sleep research. The ISRTP will provide an opportunity for physicians and researchers, especially those in developing countries, to train at major academic institutions so that they can acquire sleep research skills and observe management of patients with sleep disorders from experienced scientists and clinicians. In turn, the program will foster a cohort of future sleep research leaders who will keep the field of sleep research and medicine vibrant with their ideas, plans, and goals.

The trainees will be matched to sleep research mentors at host academic institutions. Each trainee must have funds to support his or her trainee year at the host institution. The program will provide trainees with travel funds to participate in two major international sleep meetings. Selection of trainees will be based on their research plans; plans to further research in their home country; English communication skills; motivation; educational level; and availability of continued mentorship in their home countries.


2. What benefits are provided to the trainees?

• Acquisition of knowledge and understanding of sleep science
• Acquisition of research skills
• Clinical exposure to the management of sleep disorders
• Accepted manuscripts
• Funded grants
• Academic and societal leadership

• Research study development, implementation and replication (including study design, selection of specific aims and outcomes, data analysis, authorship, and ethical concerns)
• Clinical exposure to management of sleep disorders
• Scientific communication skills (including presenting and publishing results)
• Obtaining and managing research funds
• Career development

3. The deadline has passed. Is there still time to apply into the program?

Please connect with our office if you are still interested in participating in ISRTP. Applications received after the deadline will continuously be reviewed for opportunities within this program, along with being considered for the next year.

4. Will there be additional mentor sites?

Criteria for our ISRTP Mentors & Sites will be assessed every 3-year cycle. Currently, to become a Mentor/Site, the following must be present:
o Availability of primary and secondary mentors
o Availability of educational/training content for sleep science and research in English
o Availability for both basic and clinical research
o Active current and prospective research projects
o Ability to arrange clinical observations
o A track record of training students, peers or other trainees

For more information on becoming a mentor site, contact Allan O’Bryan of World Sleep Society at [email protected].

5. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email World Sleep Society at [email protected] or call us at +1 (507) 316-0084.