Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Endowment Fund

The CG Fund

In his memory, World Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, has created an endowment in honor of this sleep pioneer.

PURPOSE Christian Guilleminault “CG” Young Investigator Endowment Fund encourages young investigators in the field of sleep, especially in developing portions of the world, to advance sleep medicine and research worldwide.

GOAL World Sleep Foundation’s goal is to raise $100,000, allowing for up to $1,000 travel grants to be awarded per recipient each year.

Contributions to the Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Endowment Fund are tax deductible.

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Applications for Young Investigator Award

The CG Fund fulfills its purpose by distributing grants to young investigators who are presenting their sleep-related science at scientific conferences, congresses, and meetings. Applications are reviewed on scientific merit as assessed by a review committee of World Sleep Society.

Applications are accepted year-round and are divided into three review periods: January through April, May through August, and September through December. Up to 6 awards will be granted per year. Review of applications is based on the date of submission rather than the date of the conference. We encourage applicants to submit before their meeting so that, if awarded, the grant can support recipients’ meeting costs up front.

Please review these application requirements before submitting:

  • Applicant must be 35 years old or younger OR must have completed their PhD or MD within the last 5 years
  • Abstract must already be accepted for oral or poster presentation at a meeting
  • Abstract must be sleep-related science

It is required to include your formal acceptance letter from the conference organizer as well as a professional reference, biosketch, and short personal letter. In your personal letter, please briefly describe your involvement in the research presented in the abstract.

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2023 Winners

Takato Honda in recognition of “GABAergic Neurons in Ventral Midbrain/Pons Are Involved in Mania-like Behaviors with Altered Sleep Homeostasis and Sleep Architecture” presented at Neuroscience 2022 in San Diego, California

Derric Eng in recognition of “The Association between Chronotype and Infant Bedtimes” presented at IPSA Online 2022

Emma Louise Gale in recognition of “Late night screen usage and screentime addiction as shared determinants of insomnia, obesity and wellbeing in 11–14-year-olds” presented at World Sleep 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

Abubaker Ibrahim in recognition of “Effects of Periodic Breathing on Sleep at High Altitude: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Cross-Over Study using Inspiratory CO2” presented at World Sleep 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

2022 Winners

Mariana Fernandes in recognition of “Cerebrospinal-fluid biomarkers and blood-brain barrier alteration may be useful to predict the phenoconversion of patients with idiopathic/isolated REM sleep behaviour disorder” presented at World Sleep 2022 in Rome

Sarah Schoch in recognition of “Interactions between sleep and gut bacteria in healthy developing infants” presented at World Sleep 2022 in Rome

2021 Winners

Leon Siriwardhana in recognition of “Longitudinal assessment of ventilatory instability and its relationship to periodic breathing in preterm infants” presented at IPSA Online 2021 on February 5-6, 2021

Derric Eng in recognition of “The association between maternal sleep during pregnancy and infant sleep across the first year” presented at IPSA Online 2021 on February 5-6, 2021

Georgie Agar in recognition of “The developmental trajectory of sleep in children with Smith-Magenis syndrome compared to typically developing peers” presented at IPSA Online 2021 on February 5-6, 2021

Carla Freire in recognition of “Treatment of sleep disordered breathing with leptin loaded exosomes” presented at SLEEP 2021 on June 10-13, 2021

Lauren Hartstein in recognition of “Evening light-induced circadian phase shift in preschool-aged children” presented at SLEEP 2021 on June 10-13, 2021

Andrew McHill in recognition of “Chronic sleep and circadian disruption differentially affects blood pressure, renal sodium retention, and aldosterone secretion” presented at SLEEP 2021 on June 10-13, 2021

Samantha Scholes in recognition of “The association between excessive daytime sleepiness and math performance in adolescents” presented at SLEEP 2021 on June 10-13, 2021

2020 Winners

Larissa C. Engert in recognition for research on Exposure to experimentally induced sleep disturbance affects the inflammatory resolution pathways in healthy humans presented at the SLEEP 2020 Virtual Meeting on August 27-30, 2020

Lukas Krone in recognition for research on Cortical regulation of global sleep homeostasis presented at the ESRS Virtual Congress 2020 on September 22-24, 2020

Offer the CG Young Investigator Award at Your Sleep Meeting

World Sleep Foundation invites sleep societies around the world to offer the Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Award at their sleep meetings. To apply, download the application form and submit a completed application to our administrative office via email at [email protected].

Download CG Award Society Application

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