Application Requirements and Process

The World Sleep Academy is designed for health care workers, particularly those in places underserved by sleep medicine specialists, who need sleep medicine knowledge to help their patients and advance their careers. The program is organized into three tiers that take one year in total to complete. Each tier has specific entry requirements.


How to Apply

Applications are accepted online year-round, but each Tier has an application deadline to be considered for that upcoming course. The tentative application deadlines for each Tier in the coming year are:

Tier 1: August 31, 2022

Tier 2: November 1, 2022

Tier 3: April 15, 2023


Apply to World Sleep Academy



General Application Requirements

While each Tier has some specific entry requirements, there are two additional requirements for all applicants regardless of background and experience:

  • $100 application fee (if accepted, the application fee will be wholly applied to your tuition)
  • Current World Sleep Society membership

Applications must be complete before consideration.



A limited number of scholarships is available to accepted applicants based on financial need. To apply for a scholarship, complete the Scholarships section of your general application form.


Entry Requirements Vary by Tier

The academy has synchronous and asynchronous courses organized into three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Each Tier has specific entry requirements.


Tier 1 Requirements

One of the following is required for entry into Tier 1:

  • College degree (associate’s degree or above) in medicine, psychology, or health-related science, or
  • Letter from a professional colleague affirming leadership position for at least two years at a community health center with direct patient involvement in health, health education, or prevention


Tier 2 Requirements

One of the following is required for entry into Tier 2:

  • Successful completion of Tier 1
  • A diploma course in sleep medicine
  • At least 120 hours of experience in a sleep center
  • 60 cumulative hours of participation in sleep-related conferences


Tier 3 Requirements

One of the following is required for entry into Tier 3:

  • Successful completion of Tier 2
  • Completion of a fellowship in sleep medicine
  • At least three years practicing sleep medicine
  • Completion of a master’s level program or course that is at least one year long