Society Membership

Become a representative to the Societies House of Delegates

Clinical and Scientific Societies with relevance to sleep can become members of the World Sleep Society house of society delegates. To join, the president or chairperson of the society must submit a completed societal membership application. Membership runs for one calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Organization has been active for at least 1 year
  • Organization’s membership consists of professionals working in the fields of sleep medicine, sleep health or sleep science
  • Organization is ONE of the following:
    • A national society registered (incorporated) with the national government and governed by bylaws or a constitution OR
    • A regional or local society with a governing board and a minimum of 50 members
  • Organization is being nominated by a current Associate Society Member
  • Organization has notable activities and/or accomplishments from the previous 1-2 years

Applications will not be approved from:

  • Patient organizations
  • For-profit companies or consulting organizations and corporations
  • Societies with aims and missions that conflict with those of the World Sleep Society

Application Process:

  1. After submittal, the application is reviewed by staff to determine whether complete. Staff obtain additional information if needed and summarize whether criteria have been met.
  2. The application is then given to World Sleep Society House of Delegates to review and provide a recommendation for approval or rejection. This recommendation is sent to the Governing Council for ratification.
  3. The applying Society is notified of the outcome via email.
  4. Accepted societies are added to the list of Current Associate Society Members and to the House of Delegates.

Benefits of becoming a World Sleep Society Associate Society Member.

Cost to Society:

1. No financial cost option: An in-kind, annual promotion of World Sleep congress, including:

  • Membership email list: Annual list of society members that includes name, email address and contact information. Emails can be sent directly from the Society if data confidentiality policies prevent sharing of membership list. This shall occur no more frequently than monthly and may be incorporated into regular Society member communications.
  • Complimentary exhibit or educational booth at the society’s conference.
  • Complimentary registration for 1 delegate at society’s conference.
  • Promotional bag insert or email to society’s conference attendees.


2. Fixed price option: An annual fee of US$2500.


Download Society Application