ISRTP Mentees

The International Sleep Research Training Program has welcomed sleep research mentees from countries around the globe as well as mentors from some of the world’s most prestigious sleep research institutions.

While the formal ISRTP mentorship lasts one year, our community and network of early- and mid-career researchers persists. Many of our ISRTP mentees remain active and have participated in their own collaborations as well as other World Sleep Society programs like the World Sleep Congress, World Sleep Academy, International Sleep Medicine Guidelines, Healthier Sleep magazine, and more. Our network of ISRTP mentees are the sleep leaders of the future, and we’re excited to welcome more researchers as the program develops further.

Current Mentees

MenteeMentorMentor Site
Kavitha Venkatnarayan (India)Uma DevarajSt. John’s Medical College Hospital
Pien Bosschieter (Netherlands)Clete KushidaStanford Medical School
Wenjun Zhu (China)Fang HanPeking People’s University Hospital
Leticia Azevedo (Brazil)Karen SpruytUniversité Paris Cité
Ting Wang (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin
Qi Tang (China)Birgit HöglMedical University of Innsbruck

Previous Mentees


MenteeMentorMentor Site
Abubaker Ibrahim (Austria)Birgit HöglMedical University of Innsbruck
Corrado Garbazza (Italy)Susan RedlineHarvard Medical School
Mi Lu (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin
Yan Wang (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin


MenteeMentorMentor Site
Kate Chan (China)Allan PackUniversity of Pennsylvania
Jingjing Zhang (China)Allan PackUniversity of Pennsylvania
Yin Huang (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin
Youmeng Wang (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin
Chun Ting Au (Hong Kong)Danny EckertFlinders University
Karl D. Mehta (India)Joerg Steier & Guy LeschzinerGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Chitra Veluthat (India)Uma DevarajSt. John’s Medical College Hospital
Ruby Joseph (India)Uma DevarajSt. John’s Medical College Hospital
Jenny Zitser (Israel)Clete KushidaStanford University


MenteeMentorMentor Site
Wenjing Jiang (China)Clete KushidaStanford University
Xi Zhang (China)Clete KushidaStanford University
Bingqian Zhu (China)Simon KyleOxford University
Yuan Zhang (China)Susan RedlineHarvard Medical School
Hua Qin (China)Thomas PenzelCharité University Hospital Berlin
Yun Shen (China)Yanagisawa MasashiUniversity of Tsukuba
Arezu Najafi (Iran)Fang HanPeking University People’s Hospital
Andrey Golovatyuk (Russia)Fang HanPeking University People’s Hospital
Soriul Kim (South Korea)Allan PackUniversity of Pennsylvania


MenteeMentorMentor Site
Liyue Xu (China)Allan PackUniversity of Pennsylvania
Wenjing Jiang (China)Clete KushidaStanford University
Leila Emami (Iran)Brendon YeeUniversity of Sydney
Hyeon Jin Kim (South Korea)Susan RedlineHarvard Medical School
Ximena Omlin (United Kingdom)Simon KyleUniversity of Oxford