Peruvian Association of Sleep Medicine

Member Since 2016

We are a group of health workers (doctors and non-doctors) linked to the study and research of Sleep Medicine, who feel motivated to exercise a growing diffusion of sleep disorders. We were born as a result of the growing demand of patients with sleep-related problems, who generally do not receive good behavioral and therapeutic guidance to achieve a good rest and wakefulness. We started our activities from March 2007 and we seek to fulfill our goals. Of course, we have our doors and hearts open for dialogue, learning, the exchange of experiences and the mutual spirit of collaboration. 


  1. Promote the study and investigation of sleep disorders and associated problems, as well as risk factors and therapeutic approaches.
  2. Promote the teaching of sleep disorders in the environment of health professional associations, academic and research centers.
  3. Promote education, training and updating of Sleep Medicine in its active members.
  4. Encourage the practice and dissemination of sleep hygiene in the general population, with the aim of preventing future sleep disorders.
  5. Increase educational and cultural exchange relationships with associations and related societies both nationally and internationally.
  6. Disseminate to the community in general, knowledge related to sleep and its pathologies, in order to prevent and / or recognize symptomatology early.