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INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS FOR SLEEP APNOEA was started keeping in mind the need for systematic scientific study and academic interaction between various surgeons.
The fundamental mission of the IASSA is to advance sleep health in India. IASSA will fulfill this mission by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care throughout India, particularly in those parts of the India where the practice of sleep medicine is less developed.
IASSA will act as a bridge between different sleep societies, supporting and encouraging worldwide exchange of clinical information and scientific studies related to sleep apnoea. Because sleep health will be advanced by information,
IASSA will strive to advance knowledge about snoring and sleep apnoea and its disorders amongst both healthcare workers and the general public. This will include both education about the means to “healthy sleep” as well as awareness of the adverse consequences of sleep dysfunction on the quality of life and the health of an individual.
To address the concerns, IASSA will provide a forum for discussion and consideration of issues of relevance not only every year but also by conducting many live surgical workshops and seminars all over India.