Czech Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

Member Since 2015

The company strives to support and coordinate the development of all forms of care for patients with sleep and wakefulness disorders and promote the improvement of healthcare for these patients. It defends the interests of sleep professionals, both professionally and legally and economically. It supports the scientific work and research of sleep and wakefulness, their disorders and the treatment of these disorders and advocates the development of their optimal treatment. It carries out research and scientific activities. Performs expert activities. It represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis the state administration authorities at all levels. It ensures and carries out economic activities. To achieve your goals. The company cooperates with humanitarian organizations, partner organizations and institutions focusing on sleep disorders and sleep and waking physiology. In cooperation with professional institutions, it participates in education and expert activities in the field of sleep medicine. It coordinates its initiatives with the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS).