Asian Society of Sleep Medicine

Member Since 2017

The mission of the ASSM is to promote all aspects in sleep medicine and research in Asia. These
aspects shall include but not limited to advancing the knowledge, promoting education and training,
developing translational research of sleep, sleep health, and sleep disorders. By establishing
international exchanges and knowledge transfer among physicians, psychologists, nurses,
technologists, basic scientists, and other medical professionals in the sleep field, the field of sleep
medicine can advance for all Asian populations.

To accomplish its goal, the ASSM will seek to promote the development of sleep medicine and
knowledge transfer through scientific congresses and will encourage collaborative projects among
academic institutions and other sleep societies. The ASSM will also seek to publish its activities and the
research results through appropriate channels and communications including newsletters and journals.

Activities and Accomplishments

  • ASSM boarding meeting: 3 times (in Korea, Taiwan, Prague)
  • 1st ASSM congress in March 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 1st regional ASSM conference in August 2017 in Xian, China
  • Launching an official journal of ASSM (Sleep Medicine Research)
  • Guideline for sleep medicine and polysomnography physicians
  • Survey for reimbursement of polysomnography and nasal CPAP
  • Frequent discussion with 16 member countries via email
  • Organizing 2nd congress of ASSM on March 22-25, in Seoul, Korea