Society Membership Benefits

Associate Society Membership Benefits

Benefits of becoming a World Sleep Society (WSS) Associate Society Member include the following:

1. Discount of US$10 for society members to become an individual World Sleep Society (WSS) member. (The regular price of $70 annual membership is reduced to $60. A code will be given to society members with an invitation to join WSS. NOTE: discount registration to World Sleep congress is only available to individual members.)

2. Online access to the Sleep Medicine journal.

3. Complimentary meeting room space at World Sleep for up to four hours for society annual membership meeting held prior to the opening ceremony. (Reserving meeting space requires advance request per congress policy and is contingent on available space.)

4. Final program acknowledgement of membership at the World Sleep congress.

5. Use of the WSS logo for website and print material to publicize society membership. (Approval is needed from World Sleep Society prior to logo use.)

6. One complimentary WSS regular individual membership for a society representative.

7. One complimentary delegate registration at the biennial World Sleep congress.

8. One complimentary, educational nonprofit booth table at World Sleep to display society news, upcoming meetings, society membership information and educational materials.

9. Voluntary reciprocal agreement to allow WSS to collect the society membership dues when WSS individuals join/renew. Society can collect WSS individual dues when their members renew/join society. Accounting and information will be completed on a continuous basis and reporting done monthly.

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Membership runs for one calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Access to Sleep Medicine for members of Associate Societies

Active members of Associate Societies receive complimentary access to Sleep Medicine, the official journal of World Sleep Society. In order to qualify, you must be an active member of a current associate society, and you must renew your access to Sleep Medicine each year.

Enter your information using the form below to sign up for Sleep Medicine or to renew your access. Access closes at the end of each calendar year and must be subsequently renewed annually.

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