Anti-War Position Statement

The World Sleep Society Executive Committee would like to express its grave concerns regarding the escalating worldwide levels of violence, war, and terror.

The World Sleep Society comprises professionals and experts in sleep medicine and sleep research, whose mission is to promote sleep health worldwide. We are committed to promoting health and well-being for all people through a focus on quality sleep and improved sleep health, and peace is essential to achieve these goals. Although we recognize that our expertise does not extend to matters of politics or international relations, as healthcare professionals, we have seen the devastating effects of war and violence on individuals and communities, inflicting both physical and emotional trauma. We, therefore, stand firmly against all acts of violence and extend this letter as a shared expression of human concern and an official statement by the Executive Committee of the World Sleep Society.

We urge world leaders, organizations, and individuals to prioritize peaceful dialogue, diplomacy, and conflict resolution over violence. Furthermore, we urge leaders to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need. The road to peace can be long and complex, but we firmly believe it is a journey worth undertaking.

We acknowledge that our diverse members may hold differing views on these matters, and we respect their right to hold those personal opinions. We also recognize that our strength as an organization lies in our shared commitment to sleep health, which transcends borders and beliefs.

We call upon the global sleep community to unite in the pursuit of peace, to protect the vulnerable, and to build a world where restful sleep is a reality for all. As a society dedicated to promoting sleep health, we extend our solidarity and support to all those working tirelessly for a more peaceful and just world, and we encourage our members to use their platforms to promote peace and healthy sleep worldwide.


Raffaele Ferri, MD


On behalf of the World Sleep Society Executive Committee