World Sleep 2023

Now Accepting Letters of Interest for World Sleep 2023


World Sleep 2023 will be the fourth joint congress of World Sleep Society (founded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Federation). This congress will facilitate an international discussion forum and collaboration among sleep societies and sleep professionals. Sleep clinicians, technologists, trainees, educators, and scientists from around the world will meet to advance knowledge on sleep science, sleep in public health, sleep health and the sleep-wake disorders, their diagnosis and treatments. We seek to maximize learning both from formal presentations by the leading experts in their fields and from informal discussion groups emphasizing opportunities for networking and member participation.

For World Sleep 2023, World Sleep Society is accepting letters from any geographic location. Letters of interest are due by December 31, 2017.

To send an inquiry, follow the steps below:

  1. Collaborate with a sleep society. World Sleep Congresses only accept letters of interest from societies. The society does not need to be a member of World Sleep Society. View our current society members. Or read details on becoming an Associated Society Member.
  2. Compile a letter of interest. Host Society provides the society’s leadership names and contact information; Society’s demographic information including past meetings and number of members; and reason for interest to host World Sleep congress. Letter of interest should not include: budgets, support from government agencies, or conference venue and city requests. In cases where the host application society shares geographic representation with another World Sleep Society society member (i.e. host society is a member of a regional society), the host society shall consult with the other World Sleep Society society members who share the same geographic representation prior to submitting the host application. In cases where multiple societies represent similar geographic demographics, a joint host application is preferred with financial agreement developed between the joint host application societies. Read the full policy for a society hosting congress.
  3. Send the letter of interest. Electronic letters can be emailed to the World Sleep Society administrative office at Printed letters can be mailed to 3270 19th Street NW, Suite 109, Rochester, MN 55901.