Policy on Corporate Relationships

Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the World Sleep Society (WSS) is to advance sleep health worldwide. WSS will fulfill this mission by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care throughout the world, particularly in those parts of the world where the practice of sleep medicine is less developed. WSS will act as a bridge between different sleep societies and cultures, supporting and encouraging worldwide exchange of clinical information and scientific studies related to sleep medicine. WSS will seek to encourage development and exchange of information for world-wide and regional standards of practice for sleep medicine.

WSS leadership knows engagement with unrelated entities can positively serve its mission. Therefore, WSS engages in strategic relationships with corporations, unincorporated entities and individuals (herein referred to as “corporation” or “corporate”). Strategic relationships support educational objectives; promotion of awareness and/or research; or act in a multifaceted order to further the mission of WSS.

This corporate relations policy is WSS’s established procedures and strategies, ensuring WSS remains uncompromised when engaging in strategic corporate relationships and opportunities to further the development of education, research and awareness.

Use of Name & Logo
Use of the WSS name, logo and identifying marks in a corporate relationship must be reviewed and approved by WSS in writing in advance of their use. Usage of the WSS name, logo and identifying marks will include a period of usage.

Our Guiding Principles of Corporate Relations

The Officers and Governing Council of WSS have determined the establishment of corporate relationships must fulfill the following governing principals:

Offer a mission-related benefit
Corporate relationships must provide a meaningful and substantial mission-related benefit to the general public or particular constituencies of WSS.

Keep consistent with WSS
All corporate relationships must be maintained in a manner that is consistent with WSS’s principles, public positions, policies and standards.

Not act as an endorsement
WSS does not endorse or promote products or services. Special analysis will be applied when prescription and over-the-counter drugs and/or devices are involved, avoiding unintended endorsement, suggestion of product superiority, or bias for or against a product or service.

Include transparent communication
To ensure an individual can fully understand the nature and extent of the corporate relationship, materials directed to the public regarding a corporate relationship must contain clear terms and/or statements.

Include optional disclosure
Upon request, unless otherwise prohibited by law, WSS will promptly and fully disclose the financial and other benefits that it receives from a corporate relationship and all material provisions of the relationship. WSS will disclose the nature of a corporate relationship, including any financial benefit accruing to WSS resulting from the relationship when requested. The amount of money provided to WSS by a corporation cannot be subject to nondisclosure. Likewise, disclosure by a corporation is expected regarding a relationship with WSS, including any financial benefit to the corporation resulting from the relationship. Commercial or competitive information about a specific relationship that is customarily subject to non-disclosure restrictions may be treated as confidential when subject to reasonable non-disclosure agreements.

Does not imply exclusivity
No exclusive arrangements will be made in promotions or endorsements. Exclusivity may be acceptable for sponsorships, promotions and/or licensed products. Exclusivity may be granted to a corporation or product for a particular activity for a specified time period if there is sufficient benefit to WSS and the public and there is no prohibition against WSS engaging in other events with competing products or corporations.

Maintain organizational independence
WSS shall exercise independent judgment. WSS will avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, when establishing and maintaining corporate relationships. No such relationship will provide special access or input into WSS’s decision-making process.

Written agreement: There shall be a written agreement between WSS and the corporation prior to implementation of the corporate relationship.