News – Become a WSD Delegate to your local community

Dear World Association of Sleep Medicine Community,

World Sleep Day 2016 is almost here!  As a valuable member of our sleep medicine community, we encourage you to partner with us and begin planning your programs and activities to support World Sleep Day 2016 making “Good Sleep a Reachable Dream”.

World Sleep Day – March 18th, 2016.
World Sleep Day is an annual event celebrating sleep and calling to action important issues related to sleep including: medicine, education, social implications, and driving forces within the sleep medicine community.

Why Become a Delegate?
Delegates from around the world work together to increase awareness and champion advocacy on lessening the burdens of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders.

Get Involved in World Sleep Day!
Delegates spread sleep issue awareness locally by hosting special events including public lectures and workshops, appear on local television and radio shows, create and distribute booklets, pamphlets, promotional videos, and press releases on sleep, host interactive school events for children and their parents, and translate WSD material into foreign languages.

For more information on World Sleep Day, including how to become a delegate, awards, and how to submit activities, visit us at: