Turkish Sleep Medicine Society

Member Since 2015


Sleep medicine studies in our country, one of the founders of this branch in the world. It started with the return of young doctors who were educated in İsmet Karacan’s center and became interested in sleeping medicine. The first sleep medicine studies in this period Dr. Erbil Gözükır red, Dr. Hamdullah Aydın, Dr. Dr. Sadık Ardıç and a few other doctors. At the same time, the first core of the Turkish Sleep Medicine Association was established under the name of Sleep Research Association in Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. The association maintained its organization very quickly and gained national identity in a short time.

In 1997, the Council of Ministers adopted the name of the Turkish Sleep Research Association. In the following period, Turkish Sleep Research Association has become the most important and involved professional and scientific organization of this branch of medicine in our country. As a result of these developments, the name of the association was changed to Turkish Sleep Medicine Association in 2007 congress congress.