South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine

Member Since 2017

“South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)” is an international society formed in 2013 to cater to the need of developing the field of sleep medicine. As we all know that sleep disorders is the next looming epidemic in south East Asia, SEAASM gives a platform to sleep physicians and clinicians from different specialties to come together and take forward this cause of promoting, exchanging knowledge and enlightening the medical fraternity and public at large about sleep disorders.

Incepted in 2013, we still need to cover a long distance in order to meet our goals in creating the right recognition of sleep disorders in this part of the globe. So let’s get together to be part of new chapter in the arena of sleep medicine i.e. South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)”.

SEAASM endeavours towards

  • Creating new training pathways and credentials for physicians and technicians
  • Create easily accessible training resources
  • Work towards increasing awareness about the disorders and its implications
  • Work with relevant authorities towards insuring reimbursement for patients
  • Work with legislative authorities to ensure academic focus on Sleep Disorders