Sleep Research Society

Founding Member

The Sleep Research Society (SRS) is an organization for scientific investigators who educate and research sleep and circadian science. The SRS serves its members and the field of sleep and circadian research through training and education, and by providing forums for the collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The SRS facilitates its goals through an annual SLEEP meeting, held in conjunction with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, where cutting-edge research is presented. The meeting includes the SRS Trainee Symposia Series, a program specifically aimed at young researchers entering the field of sleep and circadian science. The SRS hosts a bi-annual meeting held in odd years, Advances in Sleep and Circadian Science. This is a single track conference with extensive cutting-edge research discussions that bridge sleep and circadian science. Additionally, the SRS advocates on behalf of its members to increase federally-funded sleep and circadian research through grass-roots lobbying and communications efforts. The SRS also publishes the journals SLEEP and SLEEP Advances, produces a monthly podcast, offers educational videos in their learning center, and provides volunteer opportunities for all members.