Sleep Medicine Society of Kuwait

Member Since 2022
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The Sleep Medicine Society of Kuwait was established on on June 19th, 2018 by a group of specialized sleep physicians in the country. Our mission is to advance healthcare related to sleep disorders and raise the medical community and general public awareness. Currently, the society members include Sleep specialists, Sleep Technologists, Neurologists, ENT specialists, Pediatricians and Internal Medicine specialists. We encourage members from other disciplines like Orthodontics, Psychology and Primary Care to join and be involved in the society.


Activities and Accomplishments

1. 1st Sleep Medicine Symposium (23/10/2018)
2. 2nd Sleep Medicine Symposium (19/3/2019)
3. 3rd Sleep Medicine Symposium (7/12/2019)
4. Partnered in the 2nd Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Disorder Surgery Workshop (27/11/2019)
5. Lecture series to the Pediatric and Internal medicine training program.
6. Lecture series to the Primary Care training program.