Serbian Sleep Society

Member Since 2015

Establishment: “Serbian Sleep Society” (SSS) was established at the Constituting assembly held on March 24, 2011 at the Clinic for Neurology of the Clinical center of Serbia, in Belgrade, Serbia. Present were 21 members who elected the Organs with their representatives and adopted the Constitution. It is a national scientific non-profit organization with the goal to promote sleep medicine and sleep research.


  1. Promotion of sleep medicine in Serbia, among different medical specialties (general practice, neurology, pediatry, pulmology, internal medicine, endocrinology, ENT, etc).
  2. Increasing public awareness, promotion and popularization of knowledge about sleep disorders in Serbia.
  3. Organizing health services in the context of sleep medicine in Serbia.
  4. Creating a network of institutions and laboratories and their connections within the sleep medicine.
  5. Training of personnel for work in the field of sleep medicine (education centers , schools, symposiums, meetings).
  6. Membership in international and world organizations dealing with sleep medicine.
  7. Organizing a national magazine in Serbia which deals with sleep medicine.
  8. Promotion of practical ( clinical and outpatient ) work in the field of sleep medicine.