Russian Society of Somnologists

Member Since 2015

Russian Society of Somnologists was founded in 2007. The current president of the Russian Society of Somnologists is Professor Vladimir Kovalzon.  Society comprises 97 members, who are predominantly presented by researchers, PhD., M.D., M.S. and postgraduate students. Unlike European countries among clinicians the majority are cardiologists, general physicians, neuroscientists, psychophysiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and other clinicians from 50 sleep centers throughout Russia and 7 Sleep Research Laboratories. The RSS comprises three main taskforces – basic, clinical and a group of young sleep specialists.

The main aims of RSS are the following: to unite and consolidate sleep specialists and professionals interested in sleep field; educational purposes; scientific research (basic and clinical) in somnology; to promote of sleep medicine among specialized professionals and general population (including different social projects); to establish international relations and collaboration with other sleep centers.

Educational activities include the biennial International Youth Workshop; lecture courses for under- and postgraduate students at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Psychological and Fundamental Medical Faculties); Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University (Dept. Nervous Diseases); Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don; lectures for medical under- and postgraduate students and medical doctors Almazov Federal North-West Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg; Sechenov Institute Evolutionary Physiology/Biochemistry; RAS, S.-Petersburg; Institute of Higher Nervous Activity/Neurophysiology, RAS, Moscow.

Sleep Forum held in Moscow is an annual big meeting for somnologists from different regions of Russia and near-abroad countries. Another initiative includes various activities for the World Sleep Day aiming at the promotion of healthy sleep among general population and other social projects.