Portuguese Sleep Association

Member Since May 2020


The Portuguese Sleep Association was created in 1991 in order to promote awareness, education and research in relation to sleep and sleep disorders in a multidisciplinary perspective. Various health professionals from many health and university groups are increasingly involved in the Association

Activities and Accomplishments

The Association has been gradually more active and several meetings and activities have been organized in order to improve sleep awareness and science in Portugal.

Professional formation has been provided in the last years in scientific meetings and courses. Other important points of the activity of the Association is education for school population and awareness campaigns for professional groups and general public.

The World Sleep Day (WSD) is a high-point and many activities are developed around each year’s slogan. A large diversity of means – conferences, video, brochures, books, drawing contexts, theatre, media interviews, games, outdoors and ATM infographic messages – have been used as vehicle of transmission of the message of the importance of sleep. WSD activities of the Portuguese Sleep Association have already received some awards (the last one in 2019) from the WSD Committee.

Social networking all over the year has been a precious helper in the task of putting sleep on the top of life priorities.

The Association has edited recently a scientific book ”Sleep Breathing Pathology in Children” and was the impeller for the Certification for the Competence of Sleep Medicine in Portugal.

In 2021, the Association translated the article “Sleep Deprivation and Loneliness” into Portuguese and distributed it to Portuguese-speaking audiences in their network. Find the translation on the Association website here: https://apsono.com/pt/24-noticias/noticias-do-sono/465-privacao-de-sono-e-solidao