Moroccan Society of Sleep and Vigilance

Member Since 2022

The Moroccan Society of Sleep and Vigilance is a national non-profit organization, of unlimited duration, which works to obtain from public authorities the recognition of the specificity of sleep disorders and the implementation of appropriate legislation. The Moroccan Society of Sleep and Vigilance organizes scientific and social activities that have a significant national and regional impact and contribute to the promotion of the sleep specialty and related disorders.

Its Goals are to:

  1. Encourage the sharing of scientific information and allow researchers in the fields of physiology and pathology of sleep and vigilance make personal contact.
  2. To promote and boost research in these areas
  3. To determine the most appropriate value criteria for medical and paramedical equipment, procedures, and methods, as well as medical and paramedical personnel training and education.
  4. To defend the sleep units’ uniqueness to government officials.
  5. To provide support and advice to all facilities, institutions, and individuals interested in studying sleep physiology or caring for patients with sleep problems.
  6. Ways to plan Continuing Medical Education and Professional Practices Evaluation in Sleep Medicine.
  7. To increase cooperation with governing authorities at the level of the ministries affected by the company’s aim, particularly the Ministries of Health, Transport and Logistics, and Labor.
  8. To organize screening caravans, particularly for sleep apnea syndrome, as well as public awareness caravans on the need of good sleep hygiene and the danger of sleep disorders.
  9. To strengthen the linkages of cooperation with medical associations in diverse disciplines.
  10. To persuade public authorities to acknowledge the uniqueness of sleep problems and to enact suitable legislation.