Israel Sleep Research Society

The Israel Sleep Research Society (ISRS) was established in 1997 following a fruitful meeting between sleep researchers in academia and physicians who were involved in the new and developing field of sleep medicine.

The ISRS provides an organizational and professional framework for individuals engaged in sleep research and sleep medicine in Israel. It works to encourage and promote sleep research and its disorders in Israel, in the areas of basic and clinical research. The ISRS holds a 3-day annual scientific conference.

The ISRS provides the professional clinical framework of sleep medicine and works to promote sleep medicine in Israel by setting professional standards, publishing clinical guidelines, and guiding professional training, in collaboration and coordination with the Medical Policy Division of the Israel Medical Association. It represents the field of sleep medicine before statutory agencies, regulatory organizations, and health insurers, in coordination with the Israel Medical Association.


Full members may include physicians, dentists, psychologists, researchers, and students from social and behavioral sciences, biology, and medicine engaged in sleep research. Members also include R&D workers at technology and pharmaceutical companies and sleep laboratory technicians who meet the criteria set forth by the ISRS bylaws.