Integrated Sleep Medicine Society Japan

Member Since 2017

Integrated Sleep Medicine Society Japan (ISMSJ) has three essential missions to:

  1. provide the members with opportunities of leaning the latest findings of sleep research and practice at an international standard.
  2. promote good communication between sleep researchers and practitioners.
  3. contribute to both research and practice in sleep medicine through increasing its awareness and literacy among professionals working in non-sleep fields and the general public.


Activities and Accomplishments

ISMSJ was established in 2008 in Japan aiming at integration of various medical fields and occupations related sleep. The number of current active memberships is around 250 in 2019, including sleep physicians and dentists, technologists, nurses, and researchers.

A main activity of ISMSJ is organizing the annual meeting. The aim of the annual meeting focuses on the quality of discussion among the attendees sharing the passions to improve sleep health and sleep medicine practice. Therefore, the organizing committee brushes up the meeting program to be appreciated by the attendees from multidisciplinary fields. The program includes a plenary lecture by a renowned speaker, educational/clinical workshops, symposia and poster sessions. A part of our program is approved by the American Association Sleep Technologists (AAST) Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Accreditation Committee, which means ISMSJ also plays a role as a good educational provider for RPSGTs (Registered PSG technologists).

Newsletters are circulated to convey information about sleep medicine and sleep communities including the latest WSS informations to facilitate the network among the members.