Indian Society for Sleep Research

Member Since 2016

The Indian Society for Sleep Research (ISSR) was founded on September 10, 1992 in New Delhi. The objective of the ISSR is to promote all aspects of sleep research and sleep medicine including the organization of scientific meetings, promotion of training and education, and dissemination of scientific information. ISSR had been providing international exposure to Indian scientists through its adherence to Asian Sleep Research Society and the international body the “World Sleep”. The ISSR supported the formation of the Asian Sleep Research Society. The society had organized Second Interim Congress of World Sleep Federation in 2005 and 8th Asian Sleep Research Society Congress in 2014.

As per its constitution, the purpose of the Society is to:
a. Foster research on all aspects of sleep and wakefulness
b. Provide a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to sleep research and sleep medicine, including holding of periodic scientific meetings
c. Promote education and training in sleep-wakefulness research
d. Establish and maintain standards of reporting and classifying data in the field of sleep-wakefulness research
e. Provide a common forum for interaction between the members working on different aspects of sleep research and sleep medicine.
Activities of the ISSR include:
a. Organization of Triennial National Conferences
b. Annual National Sleep Medicine Course and National Sleep Technology Course
d. International Sleep Specialist and sleep technician certification examination in collaboration with World Sleep Federation.