French Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

Member Since 2015

The French Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (SFRMS) is a learned society which federates doctors, researchers and all health professionals implied in knowledge of sleep mechanisms and diseases. It supports any therapist, any structure, any institution that aims to improve or optimize patient care and education concerning sleep diseases. It participates in production of medical reference documents, practice guidelines, at national and international level, and in collaboration with institutions and other learned societies. The SFRMS evaluates and gives a seal of approval to ‘sleep centres’, based on the European Guidelines for the Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centers. Besides, it also contributes to education of clinicians via, in particular, an inter-university degree and punctual formations. Moreover, the SFRMS actively supports sleep research and medicine by funding scholarships, grants to health professionals who may want to improve their knowledge and skills (in national or international sleep centres), and grants to projects developing innovative tools for sleep medicine.