Chinese Sleep Research Society

Member since September 2019

About The Society

Chinese Sleep Research Society (CSRS), established in April 1994, is one national society, belonging to the China Association for Science and Technology. CSRS is an independent legal society and the most authoritative professional academic institution in the field of sleep in China. Currently, there are nearly 3000 registered members in the society.
The society is composed of ten academic committee, including Non Respiratory Sleep Disorder Committee, Sleep-related Breathing Disorder Committee, Sleep and Psychological Health Committee, Sleep Physiology and Pharmacology Committee, Traditional Chinese Sleep Medicine Committee, Young Sleep Researchers Committee, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Committee, Sleep Education Committee, Pediatric Sleep Medicine Committee.
CSRS devote itself to play a crucial role in the management and development of sleep research and sleep medicine in China, and to make substantial contributions to build up the connections between China and international societies. CSRS is the authorized Society to introduce World Sleep Day into China following the WSS request. CSRS is the founding member of Asian Society of Sleep Medicine(ASSM) and Asian Sleep Research Society. CSRS has set up cooperation with Australian Sleep Association, German Sleep Research Society, et al.

Activities and Accomplishments

The major mission of CSRS is to promote sleep research and sleep medicine in China. Since the past 25years, CSRS has led the development of sleep educational system in China. Now more than 3000 sleep labs have been set up across China. Sleep Medicine has been recognized as an independent specialty in the newly established medical fellowship training and accreditation system recognized by the Government.

Chinese Sleep Research Society (CSRS) hold the national sleep conference annually. The 10th annual conference had been successfully held in Harbin, from June 29-July 1, 2018. Nearly 1,000 people attended the conference. CSRS put together an exciting program, including an outstanding roster of speakers, hundreds of invited talks, more than 800 papers. The attendees were composed of the basic sleep researchers, respiratory doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist around China. The diversity of the conference program gave presenters a forum to share critical update in all areas. Furthermore, members of the audience had access to actively participating in discussions with colleagues. In addition, the young sleep researcher’s forum were organized during the congress and expand the influence of the CSRS in the more and more young people.

The Committee also hold the sleep medicine education programmes in many cities of China. This program carried out clinical skills training related to sleep medicine, provided continuing education opportunities for clinical medical staff in the field of sleep medicine.

The principle of Chinese Sleep Research Society is to serve the academic researches, the public health, and the development of sleep-related industry. CSRS promotes the advanced sleep-related technologies and products and establishes the link among the company, government and hospital to the civilian and the clinician. Moreover, CSRS carry out the clinical research and evaluation, and sleep-related research service.

Recent Online Meeting: Telemedicine model in sleep under COVID-19 pandemic