World Sleep Society Member Meeting

Dear Members of World Sleep Society (formerly WASM & WSF),

We would like to share our vision of the exciting opportunities in front of our society. We invite you to attend the 2019 Member Meeting at the upcoming World Sleep congress, World Sleep 2019, in Vancouver, Canada to cast your vote deciding the future leadership of our society.

The member vote will occur in Vancouver, BC on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 7:00am (Pacific Daylight Time). The meeting will be held in the Vancouver Convention Centre in room 118. Details of the location and agenda are below.

World Sleep Society Executive Committee

President: Charles Morin (Canada)
President elect: Birgit Högl (Austria)
Secretary: Yuichi Inoue (Japan)
Treasurer: Thomas Penzel (Germany)
Past President: Clete Kushida (US)


Vancouver Convention Centre West
1055 Canada Pl
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

ROOM 118



2019 World Sleep Society Member Meeting – Tuesday 7:00am – Room 118-120

  1. Opening (Charles Morin)
  2. Financial update (Thomas Penzel)
  3. Audit report (Thomas Penzel)
  4. International Sleep Research Training Program (Clete Kushida)
  5. International Guidelines Committee (Clete Kushida)
  6. Nominating Committee and Elections (Clete Kushida)
  7. Membership update (Yuichi Inoue)
  8. World Sleep Day (Charles Morin)
  9. 2021 Rio congress and future congress selection process (Charles Morin)
  10. Future initiatives (Charles Morin)