Global Sleep Health Task Force Meets with WHO and Plans Next Steps

Starting in early 2022, World Sleep Society (WSS) has developed a Global Sleep Health Task Force. The purpose of the new task force is to advocate for sleep medicine to be recognized as a pillar of human health and wellbeing by governments and institutions worldwide. As part of this work, the task force participated in a seminar on sleep health with the World Health Organization (WHO) on April 12, 2022. Task force members connected with various WHO Technical Units to discuss opportunities and connections among their various areas of concern and sleep health.

Two next steps for WSS arose from this productive meeting between WSS and WHO:

  1. An upcoming white paper authored by WSS summarizing research findings among several core concerns of sleep health, identifying gaps in the data, and developing strategies to obtain new data.
  2. Development of a future conference with WHO to discuss concrete strategies for the implementation of initiatives that advance global sleep health

A more detailed summary briefing of the meeting was written by WSS, shared with WHO, and is now available for download.