Education in Sleep Medicine is Our Mission

Sleep Medicine is an integral part of medicine focused on providing appropriate care to patients with sleep-related-disorders and improving their quality of life. It is an independent specialty, not a subspecialty of another field of medicine. Before practicing Sleep Medicine, physicians must receive specialized training and be certified by formal evaluation in order to demonstrate their knowledge and competence. Before taking the certification examination, a candidate must document appropriate education and training in the field. WASM developed minimum eligibility criteria required for taking its specialty examination. World Sleep Society will also offer a curriculum, educational materials, criteria for minimum training requirements, and board examination materials in collaboration with national sleep societies desiring such materials.

World Sleep Society will establish an educational board to work with national societies to establish training criteria. The resources of each particular country will be considered in developing these standards. World Sleep Society will help facilitate training in well developed sleep centers/laboratories where candidates can do short term rotations for training to earn credits that can be applied toward qualification needed to take the sleep specialty examination. World Sleep Society’s educational board will provide, on request, to the local board examination authorities questions that can be translated into the local language for use on their examinations.

Interested members and societies will find sleep curriculum that will allow healthcare providers to become specialists in sleep medicine. Each section will be progressively developed to include information on the considered subject. Links to other web-pages providing scientific presentations, slides from sleep medicine fellowship teaching programs and other scientific documents will be provided and up-dated for your learning and usage. A classification of the different levels of competency in Sleep Medicine, based on training, will be available to help professional groups develop their own guidelines.

Finally, World Sleep Society will provide questions and assessment for evaluation of competence to any recognized professional group aiming at educating sleep medicine specialists throughout the world.

Our goal is to share sleep education to interested members and societies around the world. In the months to come, we will be distributing sleep curriculum that will allow healthcare providers to become specialists in sleep medicine.

Three documents have been written to further explain the sleep education program. Download and view the documents via the links below: