Sleep and Circadian Health Curriculum Feedback

The Education Committee is currently developing a curriculum in sleep and circadian health to guide all educational programs of World Sleep Society, including the World Sleep Academy, International Sleep Research Training Program, the International Sleep Specialist Examination, and the World Sleep congress.

Draft Curriculum Topics
A draft curriculum of topics in sleep and circadian health education is listed below. We request the input of all interested members of World Sleep Society to help develop this curriculum.

Please note that the curriculum draft includes only topic areas and descriptions at this time; specific learning objectives will soon follow from these topics.

Who is the intended learner for this curriculum?
The intended learner is a participant in the World Sleep Academy, ISRTP, International Sleep Specialist Exam, World Sleep congress, or any future educational program of World Sleep Society.

These programs enroll health care and/or research professionals with interest in sleep and a level of knowledge in sleep and circadian health varying from novice to expert.

Instructions for Comment
Each curriculum topic is described in brief below. Please review the topic and its bullet points, and then write feedback as you see fit. Some suggested questions to consider include:

  • Should another dedicated point be added to this topic area?
  • Should one of these points be emphasized in the curriculum?
  • What is one critical learning objective for this topic area?
  • Are there recent developments in the topic area that may affect the education of a person new to sleep/circadian health?

Deadline for comment: June 30, 2024