Allan O’Bryan,
Executive Director
World Sleep Society, US

Allan O’Bryan is the Executive Director of World Sleep Society, an association dedicated to advancing sleep medicine and research worldwide. Described as a strategic, innovative, analytical, and focused leader, he has been involved with the association since 2006, organizing sleep programs including the biennial World Sleep congress. The World Sleep congress continues to grow in scope and significance for the field of sleep medicine, gathering 3500+ delegates and 700+ speakers from 77 countries for the latest congress in 2019. World Sleep Society is developing further global initiatives, including a trainee mentoring program, international guidelines on sleep medicine, the World Sleep Day public awareness campaign, and World Sleep Academy, a year-long online sleep medicine course. In addition to his work at World Sleep Society, Mr. O’Bryan teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on management, business, and accounting. With over 20 years of business consulting experience, he is a graduate of Missouri State University with a Masters in Accounting and was a certified public accountant.