Ballot 2019

Voting took place from Friday, August 24 through Tuesday, September 24, 2019. Only current World Sleep Society members were eligible to vote. Become a member now.


Review the 2019 SUBMITTED BIOS to learn more about the candidates. Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Afifi, Lamia (Africa)
I am a  professor of Clinical Neurophysiology  at Cairo University.  I was in charge of  founding the  sleep laboratory in that unit. I began my training in sleep medicine as a fellow at the Sleep Center of Stanford University in 2000. It was a great opportunity to learn about the art of sleep medicine and work  in close collaboration with the most distinguished faculty. In 2002, I passed the American Board of Sleep Medicine exam and in 2004 I passed the MD degree in clinical neurophysiology. Currently, I am involved in the clinical practice of sleep medicine and in various research projects with special focus on sleep disorders in neurological disorders.  As one of the first Egyptian faculty physicians to  receive training in sleep medicine, I work closely with other neurology, pulmonology and ENT physicians for promotion of sleep medicine practice and research. I am frequently invited in their meetings to speak about sleep disorders and educate the sleep naïve physicians about the impact that sleep disorders can have on their patients.     My duties also include teaching sleep medicine to the postgraduate  medical students who are preparing masters or MD degrees in clinical neurophysiology or in neurology. I have published several book chapters in the sleep medicine field,  as well as journal articles. I was invited to  participate in WHO sleep disorders classification committee and the world sleep society guidelines revision committee as representative of Africa in both occasions. I was a founding member of Egyptian Sleep Society and currently I am its secretary.

Arnulf, Isabelle (France)


Bacelar, Andrea (Brazil)
My name is Andrea Frota Bacelar Rêgo, I was born in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil, I am 49 years old, I`m married, I have 4 children and I was graduated in Medicine at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (1992). I have been a Specialist in Sleep Medicine (UNIFESP and Brazilian Medical Association-AMB) since 2001, Master in Neurology at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2005) and PhD in Neurology at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2013). I became member of the AASM at 2007. I am Member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology-ABN and the Brazilian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology-SBNC. I have been involved with the Brazilian Association of Sleep (ABS) directory (biennium 2010/2011, 2012/13, 2016/17 and 2018/19). I am medical director of the Neurological Clinic Carlos Bacelar since 1997. The World Sleep Day Committee informed that ABS was voted to receive a Distinguished Activity Award because of the 2018 World Sleep Day Activity and, as the president of ABS, I am going to receive the Award in name of all members and all those people that helped us achieve this goal at the Opening Ceremony of the World Sleep Congress 2019 in Vancouver. I count on your vote to represent the International Scientific Committee as a MEMBER AT LARGE SOUTH or CENTRAL AMERICA. Thank you!

Barnes, Maree (Canada)
After completing sleep training in the US, Maree has worked in the field of sleep medicine as a clinician and researcher for more than 20 years at the Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Austin Hospital and the University of Melbourne, Australia.  She has a busy Outpatients clinic, participates in the Sleep Laboratory and supervises the sleep psychology service.  Her research interests have focused on sleep-disordered breathing, co-morbidities, consequences and novel therapeutic approaches, and she currently supervises 2 PhD students. Maree has made significant contributions to the profession, having served for 4 years on the Board of the Australian Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) and 10 years on the Board of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA), including 6 years as Chair of the Conference Committee and 2 years as President.  Major achievements during her Presidency include successfully negotiating new and revised indications and remuneration for sleep services with Medicare Australia and a lobbying campaign with the Australian Federal Government. She is a strong advocate for public recognition of the importance of Sleep Health; Government lobbying culminated in the 2018 Parliamentary Sleep Inquiry, whose recommendations included a national sleep health awareness campaign for the public, and sleep health training for primary health care providers.  Maree has served for 4 years on the Governing Council of the World Sleep Society and 2 years on the 2019 WSS Conference Program Committee.  She has completed several courses in corporate governance and financial management for not-for-profit organizations and Directors with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Chiang, Rayleigh (Taiwan)
As a World Sleep Day Committee member of World Sleep Society, prof. Dr. med. Chiang and his team started to organize the World Sleep Day activities around Asia every year since 2016. In2019, Dr. Chiang’s team organized the World Sleep Day and Sleep Science Promotion Week activities in Tianjing, China. ISSTA will also be awarded the Honorary Mention in the World Sleep 2019 in Vancouver. In 2017, Dr. Chiang’s team co-sponsored the World Sleep Day activities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was awarded the Honorary Mention in World Sleep 2017 in Prague. As the Director in Sleep Technology SIG, INSIGHT Center of National Taiwan University, his team defined a brand-new field by publishing the first textbook on “Sleep Technology” with Springer in 2012. Starting from 2014, he has been leading ISSTA to elaborate “APEC Sleep Technology Agenda Proposal”. He was invited to write a Letter-to-Editor by Sleep Medicine Review in 2018 due to the widely impacts among the 21 economies of APEC. In June, 2010, he got the “Investigator Award” from American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and in April, 2019, his project – “Cross-ethnic Outcome Management Model for OSAS based on AI” was invited to submit a full application for Strategic Research Award (SRA) of American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The final decision will be announced in October, 2019. Now, Dr. Chiang is the CEO of IMHTC (, the deputy superintendent of Kang-Ning Hospital in Taipei, and the Chairman of Sleep Center, TEDA Hospital, Tianjin, China.

DelRosso, Lourdes (USA)
Dr. Lourdes DelRosso is a sleep physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington. She is also Associate Sleep Medicine Fellowship Director at the University of Washington. She has demonstrated leadership skills as the chair of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) education committee for 4 years during which she led the development of educational products and websites. Last year she chaired the AASM Diversity and Inclusion taskforce and this year she chairs the AASM international membership taskforce. Dr. DelRosso has a master’s degree in Medical Education from the University of Pennsylvania and has a personal interest in global health. She has participated in the steering committee organizing “Penn In Latin America”, a symposium by the University of Pennsylvania. She also participated in CHOP Global, an outreach program from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is passionate about teaching sleep medicine and has been invited to speak at several national and international sleep conferences and several sleep medicine courses in Latin America. Dr. DelRosso’s area of research is restless sleep and restless legs syndrome in children. She participates in a couple of international taskforces and has demonstrated excellent collaboration with international groups. Dr. DelRosso is originally from Peru and speaks fluent Spanish and English.  Her vision is to advance the field of Sleep Medicine by outstanding patient care, education, research and international collaboration. Dr. DelRosso lives in Washington with her husband Ken. She loves nature and outdoor activities.

Eastwood, Peter (Australia)

Garcia-Borreguero, Diego (Spain)
Diego García-Borreguero, MD, PhD, is currently International Medical Director of the Sleep Research Institute in Madrid, which runs a network of three associated sleep research facilities in Madrid, Santiago de Chile and Panama City. Formerly, he worked as Director of the Sleep Center at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Spain. He received his medical degree at the Universidad de Navarra (Spain, 1985) and completed a residency training in neurology/psychiatry and a PhD at the Max-Planck Institute in Munich, Germany (1990), as well as fellowships in Sleep Research at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland (1990-94). His main area of research is Restless Legs Syndrome, where he is one of the leading international experts. Within that field, his main interest has been pharmacology, dopaminergic augmentation and treatment outcomes. Since 2011, he also chairs the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group ( His mandate has been characterized by the organization of Consensus Conferences within the RLS Expert Community, such as the long-term treatment guidelines (Madrid, 2012), RLS Science Summit (Monterrey, California 2015), or on issues such as PLMS criteria, Augmentation, Iron, Diagnostic instruments and Animal models. Dr. Garcia-Borreguero is particularly active within the European Sleep Research Society, where he is one of the leading sleep neurologists in Europe.  He served between 2004 and 2008 as Secretary of the Board, is currently member of the ESRS-Sleep Medicine Committee and is in charge of the European Clinical Guidelines. He is currently President of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Sleep Society.

Garg, Himanshu (India)
I am an experienced sleep physician and am playing a pioneering role in the evolution of sleep medicine in the region. I am currently working as the Head Department of Respiratory & Sleep medicine at WPratiksha Hospital in Gurgaon, India. I was fortunate to train with some of the best names in Sleep Medicine in Australia to be certified by the American Board certification in Behavioral Sleep Medicine to be amongst a handful of people outside of North America to have these credentials. For more than a decade I have been working with a missionary zeal to develop training pathways for sleep medicine in our region. As the founder of South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine worked closely towards developing a common platform for collaboration in the South Asian region. Besides I am also an RPSGT & involved in creating a local pool of sleep technologists, more than 50 of our trainees already working in different parts of the country and the region. I have been at the forefront of public advocacy working closely with the WSS throughout and also won the World Sleep Day activity two years in a row. In order to promote research & to bridge the gaps on regional epidemiological data working towards developing regional research collaborations by piloting projects like the Indian Sleep Apnea registry as its principal Investigator. Given my extensive experience across the Asia Pacific region I am well placed to represent it at WSS council and make a positive impact.

Han, Fang (China)
Fang Han, MD is currently a professor and the director of sleep center in Peking University. He is the President of Chinese Sleep Research Society, and president-elect of ASSM. Dr. Han serves as an associate editor of Sleep and Breathing. He has published over 170 research paper in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Han’s major research interest includes the respiratory control, the genetic study of narcolepsy. He develops close international cooperation with sleep specialists across the world.

Kara, Tomas (Czech Republic)

Komolafe, Morenikeji (Nigeria)
Designation: Professor of Neurology
Name of Institution: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Area of Research: Epilepsy, Stroke, Neuro-genetics and Sleep Medicine
Educational Qualifications: MBBS, FWACP, Diploma Clinical Neurology(Queen Square, London).Fellow, World Stroke Organization, Member International Members Task Force (IMTF) of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Member of the Sleep Research Society and the World Sleep Society. Head of the Multi-disciplinary Stroke Team and the Sleep Research Group of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Secretary General, Nigerian Society of Neurological Sciences.
Personal Statement: The awareness of Sleep Disorders is low and Sleep Disorders are under-treated in the community. I have been actively involved in teaching, training and mentorship and I have over 9 publications on Sleep Disorders in Peer reviewed Journals. I have shown great passion and leadership in the activities of the group which includes: education of health care workers (Doctors and Nurses) in my region on sleep disorders. Our other activities include organization of World Sleep Day Awareness program comprising of interactive media program on radio and Television, organization of lectures in schools. Some of our activities are uploaded on the World Sleep Day Campaign website. If nominated into the committee, I to promote the study of Sleep Disorders among undergraduates and post graduates in the Sub-region, organize educational programs as well as coordinate the awareness of sleep disorders in the Sub region.

Marín, Hernán Andrés (Colombia)

Parrino, Liborio (Italy)
Born in Brooklyn, New York (USA) December 3, 1954
M.D. and Associate Professor in Neurology
National Scientific Qualification for Full Professor in Neurology
PhD in Neurological and Neurosensorial Disciplines
University Diploma of Veille et Sommeil (Montpellier, France)
Director of the School of Specialization in Neurology, University of Parma, Italy
Director of the Center of Sleep Medicine, University Hospital of Parma, Italy
From 2012 to 2015 he served as President of the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine
Since 2008, he is Chair of the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society
From 2013 to 2017, he was Assistant Treasurer of the WASM Executive Committee
From 2014 to 2018, he Chaired the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE ANSS (Assembly of National Sleep Societies) in Europe.
Session Editor (Images of Sleep Medicine – Video Clinical Corner) of SLEEP MEDICINE
At the 23rd Congress of the European Sleep Research Society he presented the keynote lecture entitled: The Resilient Brain: the adaptive role of arousals and CAP during sleep
From the World Sleep Society, he received the World Sleep Day Distinguished Activity Award in 2016 and 2017, and the Distinguished Services Award in 2017
He is co-author of the article by Sesso G et al. which received the Elsevier Christian Guilleminault Award at the World Sleep Society Congress held in Prague, October 2017
H-Index: 45 – citations: 6135 (Scopus)

Partinen, Markku (Finland)
Markku Partinen, MD, PhD, FAAN, Professor, Helsinki Sleep Clinic, Vitalmed Research Center, and PI of Sleep Disorders Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki. He got his basic medical training in Montpellier, France where he started his career in Sleep Medicine in supervision with Prof Pierre Passouant. He is a clinician and an epidemiologist. He is currently working most with narcolepsy, daytime sleepiness, fatigue issues and measuring of functionality. He has been active in many Sleep Societies including WASM (Founding Member, President Elect and President), ESRS (Mb of the Sci Brd and Vice Pres), WFSRS (Coordinating Secretary), and the Nordic Sleep Society (founding member and President). He has also been long time President of the Finnish Sleep Research Society. He has been PostDoc at Stanford (1985-86) with Christian Guilleminault and he has worked as visiting prof with Elio Lugaresi in Bologna in 1987. He has authored more than 400 articles in peer reviewed Journals, more than  40 chapters in International Textbooks. His Web of Science H-index is 60. He is reviewing papers in more than 40 different Journals. He is in the Editorial Board of Sleep Medicine and he is an Associated Editor of Frontiers in Neurosciences.

Patil, Susheel (USA)

Pedemonte, Marisa (Uruguay)
Born in Montevideo, Marisa Pedemonte graduated as a medical doctor in 1984 and as a doctor of biological sciences in 1991. Since 1981 he held teaching positions at the University of the Republic. Since 2006, current position, she is a full professor of physiology at the CLAEH University, in Uruguay. The clinical training in sleep was at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital, Madrid, Spain. He created the “Sleep Medicine Center” in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where he develops academic activities, medical assistance and research. She has dedicated the last four decades to research in neuroscience, moving from animal models to human research, exploring basic and clinical fields around biological rhythms and sensory processing. In the last 15 years, he has invented and developed, together with a multidisciplinary team, a treatment for patients with tinnitus that involves the stimulation of sound during sleep. This treatment was certified by the European Community and the Food and Drug Administration (USA) having two international patents (USPTO, US 9,282,917 B2 and US 9,301,714 B2). The application received the Gold Medal for Biomedical Design in the United States (2017). He has directed the online Master “Physiology and sleep medicine” (2006-2018) in Spain. Since 2015 he has dedicated himself to the teaching of sleep medicine online from his own website (, complementing with face-to-face activities throughout Latin America. The product of this work is more than fifty original papers, twenty chapters of books and more than one hundred communications to international conferences.

Poyares, Dalva (Brazil)
I received by MD from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, my PhD from Federal University of Sao Paulo (Sleep Medicine and Science) and my Post-doc from Stanford University (Sleep Medicine). My research program focuses on the interactions between sleep disorders, cardiovascular and epidemiological aspects. Our research has been supported by grants from AFIP and other governmental agencies. Over the course of the past decades, we have also been engaged in educate medical students on Sleep Medicine. We also have a well-established post-graduate program including master, doctorate and post-doc students called “Sleep Medicine and Biology Division phD program.” I am enthusiastic about being personally involved with the World Association of Sleep Medicine, and, in the last years, with World Sleep Society. Positions I have held: Neurologist and sleep physician at Sleep Institute AFIP, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Professor at Psychobiology Department, Sleep Medicine Division, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have served as reviewer for more than 35 Journals.

Rodriguez, Alcibiades (USA)

Shah, Neha (India)
I am Dr. Neha Shah M.B.B.S., M.S. (E.N.T.), D.N.B. (E.N.T.), D.O.R.L., F.C.P.S. writing from the Indian subcontinent of South Asia. We as a nation are full of qualified doctors, but one of the major eye openers for sleep surgery and medicine came across less than a decade back (and are now are a far more sleep aware nation). My encounter with sleep surgery started in the United Kingdom where I was posted in a sleep unit during a clinical attachment for nearly 4 months. Learning radiofrequency, sleep studies, sleep endoscopy out there. When we returned to our country, setting up a sleep practice was to be a biggest challenge. We first made a patient base, a very challenging task to get a patient base initially on the ear nose throat side. Challenges of awareness, infrastructure, lengthy investigational sleep diagnostic procedures and the expenditure were among the many hurdles to be overcome. The next step after the patient base was to initiate doing sleep studies in our setup. There were limited sleep study units or laboratories in hospitals and very few in private setups. Comfort of doing sleeps study at home cannot be easily overcome and hence home based were initially chosen. We employed technicians, made sure of trustworthiness optimally and started sleep studies home based as many. Now some of the hospitals which didn’t have labs earlier have state of the art labs. Our vision for World sleep society would be to continue with more such activities so research work will be encouraged, especially in our country, with collaboration with international higher universities.

Singh, H.J. (India)

• Fellowship National College of Chest Physicians
• Fellowship Indian Association of Bronchology.
• Trained Pulmonary Interventionist at Oxford University , Japan and Marseille (Germany)
• Past President Indian Association of Bronchology .
• Chairman Indian Chest Society (Punjab State Chapter)
• Chairman North Zone Thoracic Endoscopic Society
• Senior Vice President of South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine
• Editorial Board Member of Thoracic Endoscopic Journal
• Organizing Chairman of 4 National & International conferences (NCRD 1998, BRONCHOCON 2003, ICAAICON 2006, International Conference on Sleep Disorders (ICSD-SEAASM 2017).
• First to introduce FOB in North India (after Delhi) in 1987(performed over 25,000 bronchoscopies).
• First to start Sleep Medicine Clinic in North India (after Delhi).
• Faculty member and guest speaker in national and international conferences.
• Awarded M.Santosham Memorial Oration Award , BRONCHOCON 2013.

Thomas, Robert (USA)
Dr. Thomas has a background includes Internal Medicine, Neurology and Sleep Medicine. He has been deeply engaged in WASM/WSS processes and development from the onset of the association. His research spans cognition in relation to sleep and its disorders, signal analysis in sleep medicine, sleep- breathing outcomes, and functional imaging of cognition in sleep disorders. He has been involved in developing several innovative approaches to diagnose and treat complicated forms of sleep apnea and have articulated a new approach to sleep physiology termed “sleep effectiveness”, which is a cross-physiology integrative approach to characterizing sleep state using cardiopulmonary coupling estimates. His laboratory generates novel approaches and analysis tools for probing several sleep signals – ECG, EEG, respiration and multi- signal integration approaches. I have been funded by a K23, an RC1, multiple R21’s and SBIR’s, a CADET-II program, and Foundation grants. He has developed a FDA-approved wearable device – the M1/SleepImage system – for dynamic sleep quality tracking. He is an acknowledged expert in the area of treatment of central and complex sleep apnea and periodic breathing, utilizing CO2 regulation approaches. He has developed auto-CPAP algorithms from concept through regulatory submission, now in FDA approved products. He directs the AASM accredited clinical sleep center and sleep laboratory and developed the AASM accredited sleep medicine training program at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston. He is a thought and innovation leader in multi-modal approaches to treatment of high loop gain sleep apnea, typical of heart failure associated sleep apnea.

Weiss, Shelly (Canada)
Shelly Weiss, MD, FRCPC, is a pediatric neurologist; sleep physician, and clinical researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children where she directs the Sleep Neurology Clinic. She is also a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Toronto. Dr. Weiss has been practicing sleep medicine for 29 years.  She has expertise in all areas of sleep disorder medicine, including clinical care, research, and education. Currently, her primary research is focused on pediatric insomnia (in children who are typically developing or have neurodevelopmental disabilities). Dr. Weiss has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications and has presented at national and international conferences, including presentations at Sleep (AASM), WASM and WSS.  In addition to research publications, she has authored a self-help book for parents- Better Sleep for your Baby & Child, 2006. Dr. Weiss has served many roles in the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS), WASM and WSS.  In the CSS, Dr. Weiss’s roles included President (2011-2014) and VP-Clinical (2008-2011). She has had various roles in the scientific program and conference planning committees of both WASM and WSS (including co-chair of pre-conference workshops at the WASM/CSS meeting in 2011). Her current national leadership role in education is the Vice-Chair of the training program in Sleep Disorder Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Weiss’s background in sleep disorder medicine, and in-depth knowledge of sleep societies will allow her to contribute greatly to the ongoing important goals of the World Sleep Society as a member of the governing council.

Zaki, Nevin (Egypt)
I am currently an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and the Manager of Sleep Research Unit –Mansoura University-Egypt. I was able to apply for several competitive capacity building research grants. The grants were used to establish the sleep research unit. The unit is equipped by a polysomngram and an actigraphy. It conducts various researches in the field of sleep. It offers clinical diagnostic and treatment services for sleep disordered patients. I also carry out tutoring of educational activities in sleep medicine for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and paramedics. From 2008-2010. I earned my doctorate degree in a Joint supervision system as a visiting fellow to Russel Foster’s Sleep research laboratory at Oxford University –UK. I was also a pioneer in the field of actigraphy usage and actogram data analysis for objective assessment of sleep and circadian rhythms. In 2012 & 2014. I Won the Mini- International Fellowship of AASM and visited Penn sleep Center-Philadelphia USA and Sleep and lung department at the University of Pittsburgh –USA where the fellowship enriched my clinical and polysomnographic skills. Which were passed on to my colleagues and students on return from the training. In 2015-The Egyptian medical syndicate honored me as the (ideal) physician in Egypt. I am an active regular world sleep day delegate and the Middle East world sleep day coordinator since 2015. In 2016- I Passed the ESRS Exam and earned the title of (Somnologist). In 2017 me and my team won a World Sleep Day Distinguished Activity Award from World Sleep Society.

Zee, Phyllis (USA)
Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD is the Benjamin and Virginia T. Boshes Professor in Neurology and Professor of Neurobiology at Northwestern University. She is also the Director of the Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine (CCSM), Chief of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the Medical Director of Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Zee is the founder of the first circadian medicine clinic in the US, where innovative treatments are available for patients with circadian rhythm disorders. Dr. Zee also has authored more than 300 peer reviewed original articles, reviews and chapters on the topics of sleep, circadian rhythms, and sleep/wake disorders. She has also trained over 50 pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students and has mentored numerous faculty members. Dr. Zee is a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and member of the American Neurological Association She is past President of the Sleep Research Society, past President of the Sleep Research Foundation and past Chair of the NIH Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board. Dr. Zee is a Member of the NIH Heart Lung and Blood Disorders Advisory Council. She is the recipient of the 2011 American Academy of Neurology Sleep Science Award and the 2014 American Academy of Sleep Medicine academic honor, the William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award.