More information on committees is available in the World Sleep Society bylaws.

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House of Delegates:

ASA: Alan Young (Australia)
CSS: Célyne Bastien (Canada)
ESRS: Pierre-Herve Luppi (France)
SRS: Namni Goel (United States)
AASM: Kelly Carden (United States)

World Sleep Day® Committee:

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Purpose: World Sleep Day® is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, and social aspects.

World Sleep Congress Committees:

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Nominating Committee:

Chair: Birgit Högl (Austria)
Yuichi Inoue (Japan)
Charles Morin (Canada)
Judy Owens (United States)
Clete Kushida (United States)
Claudia Trenkwalder (Germany)

Purpose: Read Nominating Committee details.

ISRTP Steering Committee:

Clete Kushida (United States)
Simon Kyle (United Kingdom)
Allan I. Pack (United States)
Thomas Penzel (Germany)
Dalva Poyares (Brazil)
Susan Redline (United States)
Brendon Yee (Australia)

Education Committee

Purpose: To provide an overview of educational projects to support WSS. Main function is to provide review of the program and courses of the world sleep congress. In addition, the committee will help other educational functions and assist other committees in educational content and matters.

Examination Committee

Purpose: The WASM Sleep Medicine Examination is designed to cover many aspects of sleep science, extant practice guidelines, diagnostic nosology, presentation and associated features of sleep disorders, epidemiology of sleep disorders, clinical pharmacology, behavioral therapeutics, instrumentation, methodology, and sleep health.

Awards Committee

Purpose: To administer and present WSS awards.

More information on committees may be found in the World Sleep Society bylaws.