International Sleep Medicine Guidelines

Outline of Process – Updated December 18, 2017

Scope and Roles of the Committee
• The Committee will select what it believes are the most current, highest impact, and important guidelines published throughout the world.

• The Committee will review each selected guideline and make a recommendation for the WSS Governing Council to endorse the existing guideline or endorse it with caveats.

• In order for a guideline to be endorsed by the WSS, it needs to be applicable to almost every country in the world.
• Evidence-based guidelines will be prioritized for Committee review.

Process of Guideline Review
• Each Committee member comes up with 3 guidelines they think are the most important to prioritize.

• A master list of these guidelines, segregated by topic will be compiled.

• The master guidelines list will be reviewed by the Task Force. The Task Force will prioritize which guidelines will be reviewed first, with the Task Force Chair making the selection.

• Each Committee member will select one or more of the guidelines that aligns with his/her background and expertise. The Committee member will then select a Task Force (see next section) that is comprised of content experts for the specific topic area. The Committee member will serve as Chair of the Task Force.

• Task Force will draft a Position Statement (1-2 pages) on each of the guidelines listed and being reviewed by the Task Force. The Task Force Chair is responsible for ensuring that the draft statement is in agreement with the Task Force’s comments, with WSS staff providing consistency and editing. If upon review of the guideline, the Committee feels that it is not suitable for the WSS to endorse, the guideline will be dropped from further review by the Committee.

• The Position Statement will be reviewed and edited if necessary by the Committee, and will be subject to a vote by the Committee for approval.

• Once the Committee approves the Position Statement, the guideline and Position Statement will be reviewed by the WSS Governing Council for final approval and endorsement by the WSS.

• Once the WSS approves the Position Statement, submitted for publication with the Task Force Chair as first author, with the Task Force members and committee members as co-authors.

• Timeframe for guideline process, from selection of guideline by Committee member to Committee review: approximately 3 months

Creation of Task Forces
• 3-6 content experts per Task Force
COMPLETED December 2017

• Each Committee member will join a Task Force of additional content experts. The Task Force Chair may need suggestions from other Committee members for geographically-distributed content experts, since the goal is for the Task Force members to represent different countries so that the guidelines can be made as internationally relevant as possible.

• In topic areas of Insomnia and Sleep Disorder Breathing, two Task Forces for each topic area will be created allowing for wider distribution and review of papers. Each Task Force will be responsible for preparing Position Statements for each of the assigned papers.

• Once the Task Force members are selected, teleconferences will be arranged and scheduled by WSS staff will occur with the Chair and Task Force members.

• WSS staff will help organize teleconferences and provide editorial assistance